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Know The Tech 005: Understanding Apple’s 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

There’s a new feature called 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s. What exactly is this? 3D Touch, or previously known as Force Touch, is the technology which allows the display to detect how much pressure is applied on it. It first debuted on MacBook and Apple Watch and it makes sense for Apple to carry the feature over to their main product. This technology simply means that the screen is pressure sensitive. By measuring the pressure your fingers applied to the glass, it can differentiate between a usual tap, a lighter press and a harder press. So there’s 3 levels of pressure which can be detected here.

3d touch

First of all, you need to keep in mind that normal taps still works like they use to be. For normal or so-called traditional tap, there will be no physical feedback from the phone. For 3D Touch, there’s a Taptic engine to “tap” you (a more gentle vibration) to notify you that you have performed a 3D Touch.

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Know The Tech 004: How to Use a NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag

Although there are more and more Windows phones and Android devices having NFC built in,  it is probably one of the least used features on phones and a lot of people do not know what NFC can do or even know it exists. For iOS devices, only newer devices have it but the NFC is locked down for Apple Pay only.


What is NFC?

NFC is a standard that enables close range communication between devices or between NFC-enabled devices with NFC tags. All the communication can be done by tapping your phone to NFC tags. To be exact, your phone does not have to touch the NFC tags physically. Typically NFC has a reading distance of a few centimeters so you have to get quite near in order to activate the connection.

You can do a lot of things with NFC. You can use NFC to pair devices, share contacts, make mobile payment (Not available here in Malaysia) and also use NFC stickers to activate certain apps or toggle device settings.


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Know The Tech 003: Waterproof Gadgets & IP Ratings

Waterproof gadgets are getting more and more common lately. How will this addition affect us? Read more to find out!


Why It Matters?

Most electronics devices are vulnerable to water damage, so keeping them dry is a no brainer. However, occasional spill or getting wet by rain are sometime unavoidable. So isn’t it nice if your phone can survive water attack? Having the ability to resist water means that our gadgets are more durable and thus having longer lifetime. Drop your phone into the water? Just pick it up, dry it and you are free to go. We also have the flexibility to use it in water when swimming or in a pool party without any worries. It also can resist the sweat when we are using them during exercises.

Since it is so nice, it seems that manufacturers are stupid enough to exclude this feature in the design of gadgets from the beginning right? Well, waterproofing is not as easy as we thought.

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Know The Tech 002: What is Gorilla Glass?

You may have heard of Gorilla Glass when people are talking about smartphone or tablet screens. Its widely used on mobile devices, for 2400 models over 33 major brands and on 2.4 billions devices according to Corning, the manufacturer of the glass.  But what exactly is it and why do we need it?


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Know The Tech 001: The Start of the Series

How often we come across technical terms when we try to understand our devices or when we want to purchase a new device? They might be totally alien to us and this can be frustrating. Certainly we do not want to waste money on undesired things. Regretting of purchase will be the last thing we want to face. Being able to know more about the technology behind the devices will help us to make a smarter choice, or to fully utilise the devices we own.

So I decided to start this series – Know The Tech .

When I started learning these stuffs I had a headache too. Therefore the motivation behind this series is to let us learn more about techs together. In this series I will try to break down and explain techs in simplest way possible so that everyone can understand. I always believe that tech sites are not for tech-savvy people only. Everyone should be able to join the community and share the fun!

 Stay tuned for future posts and like my Facebook page so that you can know when I have new post. Cheers!

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