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The Affordable Redmi Note 2 Looks to be a Powerhouse

After waiting for months, finally Xiaomi Malaysia is bringing their Redmi Note 2 to our shores. As the name suggested, it is the successor of the popular Redmi Note. It is priced at RM649, which is quite a fair price considering our weak currency exchange at this moment.

redmi note 2 pic1

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iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Impression: Still the same iPhone with improved camera & new dimension of Touch

It’s September again so it’s time for another iPhone. The successors to last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, without much surprise, are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The new iPhones certainly look the same as their predecessors, like all iPhones carrying the ‘s’ in their names. But under the similar bodies pack refinements made by Apple. So let’s find out what has been improved!


Looks the Same

As mentioned earlier, the new iPhones look very similar to last year’s model, except with the addition of a new colour option: rose gold. The rose gold model looks like pale pink for me and I guess women will find it very appealing. I am not a big fan of the design ever since iPhone 6 was launched, especially with the antenna lines on the back which are thick and ugly. However, changes are not expected at the first place so I am not truly disappointed over here.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 & S6 Edge + Impression: Still the best phablet, again

Last year Apple had introduced the iPhone 6 Plus and their very first phablet was selling like hotcake. Conversely, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was not as popular among consumers, even though it was well-received among tech journalists. Given that Samsung’s Note series is one which started the phablet category, the Korean giant certainly won’t be too happy about it. So this year they decided to launch their flagship phablets before the new iPhone is announced.

Galaxy S6 edge+_Note5_Gold_Black_2P

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Reservation for OnePlus 2 available ahead of its launch

OnePlus 2 is probably one of the most hyped phone in 2015. You just can’t ignore it if you are following tech news everyday. OnePlus 2 is not officially launched yet at this moment. However, OnePlus has released the some information of their new phone a little by a little before the launch to attract our attention.


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Xiaomi Mi Note available soon in Malaysia, 2015 Flagship with 2014 Specifications

Finally the wait is over. Xiaomi’s flagship phablet, the Mi Note, will be available in Malaysia starting on 28th of July. However, there is still no news for the availability for higher-end Mi Note Pro. Both phablets were launched in January 2015 and it took Xiaomi 6 months to bring the Mi Note to Malaysia. It is not hard to imagine why the consumers and the MiFans in Malaysia are getting impatient.


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iOS 8.4 is all about Apple Music

Apple has released iOS 8.4 to all the iOS devices and the new update is all about delivering Apple Music to the masses. Apple Music is the company’s music streaming service which was introduced back in WWDC 2015.


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Huawei P8 and P8max First Impression: Great promises shown, true test awaits

Huawei has been doing quite well with its Honor line-up, which is only available for sale online. The Ascend line-up looks pale in comparison as the phones are typically more expensive. However, it seems that Huawei is not going to change that. This year, Huawei is making the flagship phone more premium than ever instead of dropping the price to meet the fierce competition. Meet Huawei P8 and the larger P8max, the 2015 flagship phones from Huawei.

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iOS 8.3 updates brings insignificant features and a long list of improvements

iOS 8 had been plagued by bugs for a long, long time and the updates brought by Apple previously are about introducing new features such as Apple Pay support, Apple Watch compatibility and others. The mobile operating system was full of bugs and the performance  is not as great as it was in iOS 7.1, especially for older devices. Fortunately, iOS 8.3 is set to change that.


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Microsoft Surface 3 is a tablet running full Windows 8.1 with a price like an iPad

The Surface Pro 3 is one of my favourite tablets launched in 2014. With a powerful chipset and a more appealing form factor, the Surface Pro 3 is closer to a full-fledged laptop than a tablet and its high price definitely reflects that. So here comes the Surface 3, the new member in the Surface family with lesser power and a smaller body, but with much more affordable price tag. More importantly, it runs full Windows 8.1 and it has an interesting price tag.

surface 3 pic2

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MAGZET: A magnetic system to replace the traditional audio jack?

The audio jack connection we used on our devices is probably one of the oldest technology found on our devices. The guys from MAGZET is hoping to bring a change to that by making the audio jack connection magnetic. The idea is similar to the MagSafe power connection used by Apple on Macbooks and users can snap on their headphones to their devices easily. Now, they are launching their project on KickStarter to get more funding.


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