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Comparison: ASUS 9600mAh ZenPower VS Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank

With faster processors and ever-growing display resolution, the battery life for smartphones remained the same even though all manufacturers have put in effort to improve the power efficiency of our devices. As more and more phones are using non-removable batteries, a power bank seems to become a necessity, whether you like it or not.


Luckily, there are some affordable options in the market from manufacturers like ASUS and Xiaomi. We have just reviewed ASUS’s 9600mAh ZenPower and the review of Xiaomi’s 10400mAh Mi Power Bank was done back in 2014. So why not compare the two most affordable power banks we have in the market?

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ASUS 9600mAh ZenPower Review: Fast-charging power bank made compact & affordable

The ASUS 9600mAH ZenPower is the portable power bank sold by ASUS. It was announced earlier this year and it has just reached Malaysia recently. Like the smartphones and tablets offered by the Taiwanese company, the ZenPower is relatively cheap. But is there any catch using cheap power banks like this? Does the low price bring any compromises and will it be harmful to your expensive electronic gadgets? Well, this review will clear your doubts.


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Lightning Saver Review: An accessory to save your Lightning cable

Apple’s Lightning cable is well-received due to its compactness and reversibility while plugging in. However, its durability fall shorts of expectation and there were tonnes of complaints regarding breaking cables. Lightning Saver is an accessory launched under Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which aims to solve the problem. So does it work as it promises?


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Xiaomi USB Portable WiFi Review

mi wifi review

While WiFi connections are getting more and more common these days, there are still places that can only provide reliable Internet connection over the Ethernet port. With poor or the total absence of WiFi signals, much of our mobile devices will be quite useless. Therefore, using a computer with a stable Internet connection as a WiFi hotspot is certainly a good idea. There are a lot of software which utilize the WiFi module present in the computer to share the connection. However, some of them can be quite unreliable or expensive. So here’s where the Xiaomi Portable WiFi plays its role.

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Xiaomi 5000mAh Mi Power Bank Review: Much Thinner, Charges Faster

Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank is a popular choice when we are choosing a power bank to provide our devices some juice. We have reviewed the 10400mAh Mi Power Bank in the past and its price is very appealing and the performance is satisfying. However, the older 10400mAh and 5200mAh units can be quite thick and this is quite inconvenient for frequent travellers. To address this, Xiaomi has introduced a 5000mAh Mi Power Bank and it is much, much thinner than its predecessors.

P_20150215_151538 copy

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Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank Review

I got the 10400 mAh Mi Power Bank as mentioned in the unboxing of Mi3 and I am been using it for some time. So here’s my thought on it.

[Update] Xiaomi Malaysia had increased the price of 10400mAh Mi Power Bank from Rm36 to Rm49.


What’s In the Box

There’s only 3 things in the package, the power bank, micro-USB cable and a manual. Apparently with the RM36 RM49 price you couldn’t expect they will pack in an adapter here. I like that flat-type cable which won’t get tangled easily. The power bank is quite compact for its capacity and the anodised aluminium feels great and substantial in hand. The aluminium body will probably help to get rid of the heat faster than normal plastic cases and this should increase the life span of the battery as heat is bad for battery. I feel that it is well-built and the simple design is just awesome. Its just a simple piece of aluminium with Mi logo on it.

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Xiaomi Mikey (MiClick) Review

Remember Pressy? It is a KickStarter Project that adds a physical shortcut button to Android devices and I have shared about it earlier. While Pressy is still unable to deliver its product, the companies in China are already selling something very similar.


There are actually other 3 companies which are selling the same thing, namely Xiaomi, Klick and 360. Today I am going to review the shortcut from Xiaomi, which they call Mikey. Fun fact here is that you can use the same hardware for all the apps developed by all these 3 companies. I shall put them into a comparison later after I tried all of them.  I wouldn’t want to comment who comes out first and whose idea is this as I don’t have enough information for this. But for your record, the first time I heard of this idea, its from Pressy.

The Button

2014-06-16 22.33.47

Mikey looks like an ordinary metal headphone dust plug. The special thing here is that there’s a button on top. Mikey is small and after inserting it to the phone, it only protrudes out a little and it will not spoil the look of your phone. The button is nice to click and it provides enough physical feedback to let you know you have pressed it.

2014-06-16 22.35.21

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Hand Power Dynamo Phone Charger Review

One day when I was browsing eBay, this little thing caught my attention. It’s a hand power dynamo  charger with a USB output to charge phones. As it cost only RM6.00 so I decided to give it a shot. To be honest I never expect this thing to work but I do hope it can surprise me. After sometime this item reached my doorstep and I immediately gave it a try and here’s my review on it.


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