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Android App Hunt V1


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Ever since the inception of Google Play Store in 2008 (back then it was called Android Market); it has been going from strength to strength. Now with over one and a half million apps published; we can find practically any kind of apps in there. Some being so essential that we cannot live without  them and some that are just…. well…. useless.

In this new series, I am going to share some less well-known apps which I think will be quite useful in your daily smartphone usage. These gems are mostly free and lack the attention that I think they deserve.  In fact, I think some of them should be baked into the next version of Android for better user experience! Lets find out if you agree with me.

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Macrodroid: Makes your smartphone even smarter

With the advancement of technology, current smartphones easily boast of multiple cores in their CPU, armed with multiple sensors **cough** Samsung **cough** and equipped with few GB of RAMS. However, many of us are still manually doing tasks on our smartphones that are perfectly capable of being automated for the sake of simplicity. Take for example the daily act of turning on mobile data to use Waze for navigating the horrendous traffic jam to your workplace, silencing your phone when you step into your office and turning on WiFi to use your company’s WiFi. Every morning we are doing the same set of actions. What if all those actions can be done without you even touching your smartphone?


Welcome to the world of automation apps ladies and gentlemen. Today I would like to introduce an automation app called Macrodroid developed by ArloSoft. The main feature of the app is that you can create macros to automate certain tasks in your smartphone with the limit being as far as your creativity can traverse. It certainly is an exciting app, do grab a coffee while I give you a tour of the app.

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Nokia Z Launcher Hands On & Impression

Nokia (the part of the Finnish company not included in Microsoft acquisition)  just launched an Android launcher – Z Launcher. While Nokia is not allowed to introduce their own new smartphones until 2016, I am surprised that they are acting so fast to get prepared for the future.


The Features

The idea of the Z Launcher is to let users to access to the apps they need in one second and bring “Less tapping, More Apping”. The interface is simple enough. There is only one homepage. Time, date and calender events are shown on the top. Then in the middle of the screen we have a list of apps and contacts ( the part I covered with white boxes) which are arrange by the launcher according to the user’s usage pattern. If you use Facebook more often, it will go on top of the list.


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