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Know The Tech 005: Understanding Apple’s 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

There’s a new feature called 3D Touch on the new iPhone 6s. What exactly is this? 3D Touch, or previously known as Force Touch, is the technology which allows the display to detect how much pressure is applied on it. It first debuted on MacBook and Apple Watch and it makes sense for Apple to carry the feature over to their main product. This technology simply means that the screen is pressure sensitive. By measuring the pressure your fingers applied to the glass, it can differentiate between a usual tap, a lighter press and a harder press. So there’s 3 levels of pressure which can be detected here.

3d touch

First of all, you need to keep in mind that normal taps still works like they use to be. For normal or so-called traditional tap, there will be no physical feedback from the phone. For 3D Touch, there’s a Taptic engine to “tap” you (a more gentle vibration) to notify you that you have performed a 3D Touch.

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You can use Whatsapp on PCs right now! [Update: Now available for iPhone users

[Update] WhatsApp Web is now available for iPhone users too, months after other platforms. Initially, WhatsApp claimed that its “Apple’s platform issues” and it seems that they have solved the problems. Feel free to have a try by clicking here! More details at the bottom.

whatsapp iphone

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Windows 10: To wait or not to wait? That is the question.

With Windows 10 release date drawing closer on July 29th, we have a look at the top reasons you might want to get this immediately or just let the early adopters iron out any bugs while you are safely in your Windows 7 or 8.1 machine. Note that the July 29th release date is only for Windows Insiders, people who are already beta testing Windows 10. Everyone else has to wait for Microsoft to make it available to them via the Windows 10 reservation system. So when the option is available for you to upgrade to Windows 10, do the benefits outweigh the risks?


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Reservation for OnePlus 2 available ahead of its launch

OnePlus 2 is probably one of the most hyped phone in 2015. You just can’t ignore it if you are following tech news everyday. OnePlus 2 is not officially launched yet at this moment. However, OnePlus has released the some information of their new phone a little by a little before the launch to attract our attention.


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Gmail now allows you to retract sent email right after you send it

Have you ever sent an email  and regret it seconds after you click on the send button? Google’s Gmail has a new feature called “Undo Send” to save you from trouble or embarrassment. The feature is exactly what its name suggested. It allows you to call back your email shortly after you sent the email by clicking the undo button.

gmail undo send

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Google places security & privacy controls for all services into My Account hub

It is hard to deny that most of us are very dependent on services provided by Google. Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Photos are just some of the services we used. Even though we know how important the security and the privacy are, managing settings for all these services are extremely troublesome. The fact that the services are intertwined and Google did not make it transparent enough really stops most people from checking the settings properly to protect themselves. Whether that was intentional or not, Google is changing that. Right now, you can control the settings for various services right in a huge, huge hub.

AC_Home_US (1)

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You can upload files to Dropbox easily on iOS devices now

Dropbox is a popular choice when it comes to cloud storage. However, uploading files to Dropbox was not very convenient on iOS devices. You have to open the application, select “Add Files”, then navigate to the files you wish to upload. With the new update to the application, things are set to be simpler, if your device is running iOS 8.

dropbox upload

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Extra 2GB of Google Drive storage for users who perform security checkup

In conjunction of Safer Internet Day, Google is offering something really sweet for Google Drive users. If you are willing to spend a little bit of your time to perform a simple, 3-step security setup, extra 2GB of storage will be yours. The deal is valid until 17th of February 2015, so you better act fast.


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Facebook Lite: The Stripped Down App Designed for Less, Useful for Most [Now in Malaysia]

Facebook is one of the most popular social network in the world. Most of the users will have the applications installed on their mobile devices. However, the amount of memory and power the app consumes cannot be overlooked. The fact that Facebook forces the users to download a separate app (Messenger) to use its messaging service only makes the situation worse, especially for low-end devices that is very popular in emerging markets. These devices typically have less storage and limited performance. Data connection is more likely to be slower in these markets too.  As the original app is packed with so many features and it does not fulfil the needs of the market. Luckily, Facebook has an answer: Facebook Lite.

facebook lite

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Microsoft lets you control your Lumia during phone calls without touching the screen

Microsoft has released Gesture Beta, an app that enables the users to control their Lumia phones without touching the screen at all. Sounds futuristic and complicated? Using it is much simpler than you’ll ever imagine.

gesture beta video

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