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Why You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 6 from Scalpers Right Now?

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been launched last month and they were made available in selected countries. They were selling like hot cakes, as usual, but there are no word from Apple on when will it come to Malaysia. Having people wanting the phones, naturally there are sellers who import the phone from other place to meet the demand. Typically, they will hike up the price, not just by a little. However, there are people who cannot wait any longer to own the new iPhones and they are willing to pay a premium for it. They can enjoy the phone earlier and have the bragging right. But is this a wise move? I don’t think so.



Crazy Price

The biggest reason for not buying the new iPhones from scalpers is the mark-up price. iPhones, like the other premium smartphones, are not cheap at all. The official price is not available yet but the basic 16GB iPhone 6 is estimated to be priced around RM2399.

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Want an iPad for University? Get One with Education Pricing!

Truthfully, my iPad has been very useful for my academics because having notes in my iPad means that I do not have to carry books and photocopies of my lecture notes around wherever i go. There is also extra knowledge to be picked up via iTunes U. The web-based lectures in the app are really helpful and very informative.


However, I’ll admit that the iPad is not the cheapest tablet you can get. Luckily, Apple has make iPad more budget friendly for both students and teachers. Since the end of May, Apple has made education pricing available for all iPads. I do know that it has been quite some time but I do feel that this is still worth sharing. Previously this policy is only applicable for Macs and extending it for iPads is definitely beneficial for those who are really itching to get an iPad.


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Be Careful of Phishing Mails

Few days ago I received an email stating that my iTunes account has been hacked and I was required to enter a link to update my personal information. Immediately I knew that this is a phishing mail as I did not create my Apple ID with that email and the sender is “”. However, I felt that the email does look very similar to emails sent by Apple as shown below.


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Chrome App Launcher, Shortcut from Desktop to Google Chrome Apps

If you are using Google Chrome as primary browser on your computer, this is what you must have a look. Chrome app launcher is a small program for you to access to the Chrome app right from your desktop, if the app is from “For Your Desktop” collection. It is available for both Windows machines and Macs. This thing is not new at all but it seems that a lot of people are not aware of it.


Think it as a hub for all your Chrome Apps. So whenever you download or install new apps that is compatible with Chrome App Launcher, it will be placed in it. So if you pin the Chrome App Launcher on taskbar (for Windows) or on your Dock (for Mac), you just need a few clicks to access these apps very quickly and hassle-free. You will need to sign in to the Chrome browser for some apps to work as they are linked to your Google account.There is also a search bar on the App Launcher where you can perform Google search or search for apps in the Chrome Web Store.

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Files, the Official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 Announced

Microsoft finally released Files, the official Windows Phone 8.1 file manager app in the Windows Phone Store. Previously they teased that the launch will be in June but in the end it arrived earlier, which is a nice thing after all. A lot of people are asking for this since the launch of Windows Phone 8 but its better late than never, isn’t it?


In this free app, you can access all the files in the phone and SD card memory and in each folders, the number of files and subfolders in it will be shown in the box, which is quite handy as you can know if the folder is empty or not. Clicking on the files will open it with related app. Search and sorting is supported too so that you can find your files easier. By checking the files, you can move or copy files here and there. However, in the process of moving files, you cannot create a new folder. You will have to create a folder first before moving them. I hope they can add that in the new update. You can also rename, delete and share the selected files.


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Steps to Request Refund for Purchases in Apple App Store


Do you ever know that you can request for a full refund for the purchases you made in the App Store? Apple allows this to happen if you feel that the product you obtained is not as advertised or the purchase is unintended. This is quite useful if your kids like to mess around with your devices. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open iTunes on your computer and click on iTunes Store button on the top right corner.


  • Click on the button with your Apple ID on the top left corner and select Account. You might have to sign in to your Apple ID here.

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Using USB Wired Keyboard on iPad/iPhone

Typing on tablets is never an enjoyable experience. The on screen keyboard is nice for short typing but it might be difficult to type long essays or reports on it. Connecting it to a keyboard will solve the problem but Bluetooth keyboard are not cheap at all. Sure you want to be more productive with your iPad and here’s how you can type with a normal USB keyboard on iPad!


First you need to have a Lightning to USB Camera adapter or 30 pins to USB Camera adapter cable for older devices. One end will fit in to your iPad and the other end will be a female USB head for you to plug in your USB keyboard. This cable is meant for us to copy photos and videos from iPad to USB thumbdrive or vice versa.  You can get this cable from the Internet with a very low cost.


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Add Physical Shortcut Button to Your Android Phone or Tablet

How often we wish that there is a shortcut key to certain apps or to toggle some settings. When you are in need of flashlight, finding the app, wait it to load, turn it on will be very slow. How nice it would be if we can access it by one click? When there’s a problem, someone will definitely come up with solutions. These are some neat and interesting solutions. Read more to find out!


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Look at the World Differently with Google Street View

Ever dreaming to visit places like Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Grand Canyon or other places of attraction in the world but you have no time or budget for it? Well you can do so with Google Street View. It is a part of the infamous Google Maps project where they provide 360 degrees panoramic view from the eye of a pedestrian. The project was started in the US in 2007 and it has been expanded to different countries of the world. Malaysia was included in 2013.


Looking at the places through you monitor. Sound boring right? But then it was kinda fun when you don’t have the chance to visit the place you want. The 360 degrees of view gives a very rich experience, much more than what 2-D photographs can give you. You can see what you will see when you are at the place except that you are not physically there. There are some cool underwater shoots too. It looks fun too even if you have visited the place before.


View of Paris from Eiffel Tower


Underwater Shoot of Sian Ka’an

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How to Get Paid Apps for Free Without Jailbreak [iOS & Android]

Wish to get an app which cost you few dollars but no extra cash to spend or don’t want to jailbreak your device? Here’s a way to do it for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Its available for Android devices too but I don’t any Android device so probably you have to get the steps from the site. No worry, the steps are easy.


The way to get those paid apps you want is to earn iTunes gift cards via FreeMyApps ( The idea is simple. They will have a list sponsored apps on their site and each of the apps will have different amount of credits assigned to them. You can click on the apps and you will be redirected to page of that particular app on Apple App Store. What you need to do is just download the app and try it for around 30 seconds. Then if you go back to the website your credit should increase right now. By using the credits you can redeem different kind of gift cards such as iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards and others. You can also choose to donate the credits. The credits can be earned by introducing your friend to this site. However there’s a catch. You can only use the gift card on a US iTunes account. Continue reading

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