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Comparison: ASUS 9600mAh ZenPower VS Xiaomi 10400mAh Mi Power Bank

With faster processors and ever-growing display resolution, the battery life for smartphones remained the same even though all manufacturers have put in effort to improve the power efficiency of our devices. As more and more phones are using non-removable batteries, a power bank seems to become a necessity, whether you like it or not.


Luckily, there are some affordable options in the market from manufacturers like ASUS and Xiaomi. We have just reviewed ASUS’s 9600mAh ZenPower and the review of Xiaomi’s 10400mAh Mi Power Bank was done back in 2014. So why not compare the two most affordable power banks we have in the market?

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Xiaomi 5000mAh Mi Power Bank Review: Much Thinner, Charges Faster

Xiaomi’s Mi Power Bank is a popular choice when we are choosing a power bank to provide our devices some juice. We have reviewed the 10400mAh Mi Power Bank in the past and its price is very appealing and the performance is satisfying. However, the older 10400mAh and 5200mAh units can be quite thick and this is quite inconvenient for frequent travellers. To address this, Xiaomi has introduced a 5000mAh Mi Power Bank and it is much, much thinner than its predecessors.

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Xiaomi Malaysia Announced Buying Guide for Mi3 and Mi Power Bank



Xiaomi Malaysia has finally announced how to buy their products on 20th May in their Facebook Page. There are 2 products available for you to grap, the Mi3 phone at RM889 and Mi Power Bank at RM36. The instructions are straight forward, register an account and wait for the time to come, place your order and make your payment via Paypal or Credit Card. I have covered about Mi3 previously and click here for the post and full specifications. It is definitely a worthy phone at a very affordable price for the hardware.


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