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Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book: First Impressions

It’s that time of the year where Microsoft and Apple unveil their latest products and innovations, which really sparked a lot of interest and hype for the new upcoming devices. Today we will be focusing on Microsoft’s Surface Series which definitely made many people’s mouths water. I am talking about the Surface Pro 4 and its laptop counterpart, the Surface Book. Now if you haven’t heard of these devices definitely check them out as they offer many new features which are very impressive. Note that both of these devices run Windows 10 and have all the features you would expect from this OS namely Cortana, Continuum and Microsoft Edge.

Surface Pro 4

When the Surface series started it didn’t really do very well as compared to Apple’s iPad series although they were different category of devices. Surface was designed to be a mobile replacement for a computer while the iPad was primarily a tablet mobile device. But since then, it has steadily gained ground in the “replacement for a desktop department” and performed quite well with the Surface Pro 3. Now, the Surface Pro 4 looks to be a worthy upgrade (with a bigger price too!)


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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is Available Officially in Malaysia

In May, Microsoft had announced the Surface Pro 3 and they told the world that this is the tablet that can replace everyone’s laptop. You may or may not agree with Microsoft but in my opinion, the Surface Pro 3 is really attractive.  Now, Microsoft has brought the Surface Pro 3 to Malaysia and 27 other countries today. I would definitely like to give it a try if I had the chance.


The Surface Pro 3 has a larger and sharper screen and more importantly, a better aspect ratio that is great for both landscape and portrait mode. The new Surface Pen is more ergonomically friendly to your hands and provides quick access to OneNote as well on Surface from anywhere including the lockscreen by a click on the tip. The kickstand supports any angle up to 150 degrees. With the lighter and thinner body, the battery life is not sacrificed. The Surface Pro 3 can support up to 9 hours of battery life. You can click here to learn more about the device itself.

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Microsoft Announced Surface Pro 3, Bigger, Thinner, Lighter & Better

Microsoft have just announced Surface Pro 3 around 9 months after Surface Pro 2 was released. The new version of Surface is very different from the previous version yet so familiar. You will still know it is a Surface by looking at the design but the improvement here and there is so thorough that it is almost better in every aspect.


There are two types of Surface, one running Windows 8 RT with ARM processor (Surface RT and Surface 2) and the other one running full Windows 8 with x86 processor(Surface Pro Series). Microsoft marketed them as tablets that can truly replace your laptop but the response from consumers isn’t as hot as they wish. Honestly I have been giving all Microsoft Surface a ‘meh‘ before this, especially Surface RT. But this time its different.  en-INTL-L-Surface-128GB-MQ2-00001-mnco

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